The Clear Message Media team is a pleasure to work with. They’re highly results oriented and bring innovation, smarts, and a stellar work ethic to the table. And even better is what they DON’T bring to the table—no drama, no ego. You can hand them a detailed project and they will execute it exactly according to your needs, or you can go to them with a great idea that needs shaping and they’ll guide you through options and best practices until you have the results you’re looking for. I’ve worked with this team, spearheaded by Carole Hayward, for years and am always 100% happy. They can do it all–direct mail campaigns that perform, social media engagement that builds networks, process audits that improve efficiency, to name just a few of the jobs we’ve worked on with them. The only hesitation I have in recommending this team is that they are so good that I don’t want the word spreading too widely–I want them all to myself!

Lauren Jonas, Assistant Executive Director, Marketing


“The innovative use of infographics in our publications is a great example of how forward thinking, cutting edge knowledge, strong communications and collaboration skills and leadership combine to produce an award winning new feature.”

“Supremely organized, able to articulate vision and then operational enough to set in place the processes and support necessary to carry that vision through, open to feedback, willing to experiment and encouraging of others to also experiment, supportive of her staff, and confident to stand up for them when appropriate, Carole is an example of what leadership looks like.”

“Carole collects the data she needs, talks with the appropriate contacts, collaborates on potential resolutions, then moves to a course of action and communicates it appropriately.”

“Carole personally and professionally sees continuous improvement as the only way to operate.”

Edward Milliken, Managing Director, Professional Development

“Carole is creative, dynamic, and results oriented. Her work has galvanized our social media presence.”

  Barbara Hayward, Owner, The Neighborhood Pharmacy

“Carole’s understanding, knowledge, and management style of ASCD’s non-profit publishing/communications business made working with ASCD a real pleasure. She not only created an atmosphere of good will among her diverse staff, but embraced an open and flexible managerial style that stimulated an engaged workforce and a renewed ASCD’s pipeline of publications.”

Cat Russo, President, RussoRights, LLC

“Carole approaches communications challenges with an attitude of open-minded, patient leadership. She excels at asking the right questions to gather the nuances of a situation, and her ability to effectively assess problems often leads to innovative, yet measurable, solutions. Carole has often helped me to confront the underlying source of a particular communications problem and then moved seamlessly to assisting me in crafting a path to success. She is a valuable mentor and colleague for any team!”

Laura Berry, Director of Communications,
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

“I had the pleasure to work on a variety of social media and marketing projects with Carole. Her insight, vision, and leadership played a key role in bringing ASCD into the 21st century–especially in terms of social media strategy. In addition to her extensive knowledge of communication platforms and channels, Carole brought a refreshing amount of energy and enthusiasm to the office. Her skill set, professionalism, and positive attitude would be an asset to any organization.”

Leslie Welch, Web Producer/Editor, ASCD

“Carole is open to new ideas, she is a good communicator, she is a great listener, and she sets high expectations for staff, for the members of the cross workgroup teams of which she is a part, and for herself. She sees possibilities in ASCD’s work but can be relied upon to ask questions if it feels like the organization is taking a wrong direction or if staff’s needs have not been addressed.”

Feedback on a recent 360० Evaluation

“Carole has taught me so much, and that is one of her best talents. She can explain the most difficult processes, help you understand the underlying reasons why things work, assess how to get things done efficiently, and make it all seem managable. She has an amazing facility for figuring out new technology (and whether or not it’s useful), streamlining processes, getting superhuman amounts of work done, and reminding you why your job is fun, all at the same time. Since Carole stopped working at NSTA (which was a HUGE loss for us), I’ve sought her out often–both as a friend and to pick her brain. Her innovative ideas have helped me greatly in my career, especially in the last year as I took on a new role as Social Media Director and was challenged (to put it mildly). Her guidance has been invaluable.”

Lauren Jonas, Managing Editor, National Science Teachers Association

“I would be happy to recommend Carole as someone with excellent, up-to-date knowledge of social media and technology and as an accomplished communicator, strategic planner, and can-do leader.”

Nancy Modrak, Former Publisher, ASCD


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