Each association and small business has unique challenges and goals. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your particular needs and how we can help. We’ll customize a communications plan for you that will allow you to engage your members and customers. Contact us for a free estimate.

E-Mail Messaging:

E-mail is still the communication method used most often in business. Sending e-mail is a great way to reach your members and customers, and we can act as an e-specialist for your organization. We develop messages to meet the needs of both your organization and your clients, customers, or members. We specialize in segmenting your data so we can microtarget specific audiences with your message.


E-newsletters are a great way to share information with your members or customers. Let us show you how to take the data you have and customize your e-newsletters to each of your unique audiences. Using dynamic content, we can create the personalized communications that members and customers say they want.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization:

Like most businesses and associations today, you probably have all of the most well-known social media elements in place, such as Facebook and Twitter, but once you created them, you often don’t know what to do to sustain them. Our proven methods will generate a steady increase in traffic to your website, help your brand appear as it should when people are searching for information on your product or service, and will build the trust you need to establish with your members and customers.

Show Daily Publications

Need help producing a show daily publication, either print, digital, or online? We can scale our services up or down as needed to help you with every facet of the operation. From pre-writing articles, selecting printers, attending sessions, writing articles onsite and on deadline, editing content, and assisting with production, we can help you manage your project.

Editorial Services:

Associations and small businesses often don’t have the editorial expertise on staff that they need to produce quality published products and content. Consider us your behind-the-scenes partner to quietly polish up everything you produce to its best advantage. From book-length manuscripts to the tiniest Tweet, we can help you out.


Infographics are a wonderful mix of visual design and carefully written copy; together they combine to produce a powerful message that people are eager to read and share. We’ve been collaborating on award-winning infographics for the past few years, and we can share what we’ve learned along the way. We’re happy to help you develop ideas for infographics unique to your area of expertise, and we can produce them for you as well. Great for social media and as a possible revenue stream.


What’s your specialty? If you have subject matter expertise, perhaps you should consider publishing your own e-book on the very topic you are known for. We can sit down, evaluate the material you’ve already developed, and help you determine what e-books might work for you. We can help you produce quality content in a new format as a new source of revenue.

Qualitative Assessment:

It’s amazing how often associations and businesses make significant decisions about what their members or customers want without taking the time to discuss it with them first. It’s been our experience that you could circumvent some costly mistakes by having some direct communication. Let us help you conduct focus groups; survey your membership, clients, or customers; and gather their feedback in a timely manner to help you make the most informed decisions.

Quantitative Analysis:

We have more data than we have ever had on our audience, but everyone is struggling with what to do with it all. Most businesses and associations don’t have the staff resources to analyze the information. Let us pore over the data you have on hand to determine if you are receiving an adequate return on your investment, make recommendations for how you could streamline or maximize your efforts, and assess whether your efforts are matching your goals.

What We Can Do For You

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