Chris Fow Cohen’s Portfolio

Chris Fow Cohen developed the following newsletters, ads, brochures, and reports while Community Relations Specialist for the City of Fairfax and Social Media Director for Get in Shape with David.


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Chris has been responsible for the monthly project management, writing, and web content for the Cityscene newsletter for the last 25 years. The Cityscene is the primary communication vehicle for the City of Fairfax. See more issues in the archive.

Ads and Flyers

tai chiChris has created several ads and flyers for the City of Fairfax and Get in Shape with David.


traffic brochure

Click the image to view the full traffic brochure.

To meet the communication needs of various programs and initiatives, Chris writes and designs special publications, such as brochures and reports. This report addresses the revised traffic patterns in Old Town Fairfax.


Communication Campaign

city of fairfax

The City of Fairfax received the 2013 VML Communication Award for its program regarding its water service.


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